Forever Frederick County

Endowing Our Community's Future

Supporting families with children is one of the current needs in Frederick County as determined by the 2018 Human Needs Assessment Report. Many of today's families with children are in a precarious position facing an uncertain future.

What will be our most pressing needs as a community in ten, twenty, fifty years and more? Homelessness, substance use disorder, parents who can't feed their children, lack of public education? It's impossible to know, yet preparedness is key.

What is possible is that you can make a difference and be part of finding solutions that ensure Frederick County's future is bright. You can be the influence for change.

The Forever Frederick County campaign will create funds to provide strategic grants based on Frederick County's most pressing needs as determined by the 2018 Human Needs Assessment and similar studies going forward.

Can you imagine eradicating homelessness in Frederick County? Providing affordable health care for all who need it? Helping seniors age in place? Eliminating lives lost because of addiction? These are just a few examples of the greatest needs that currently exist. 

Building a flexible fund to tackle Frederick County's current and emerging needs is a vital and necessary step that will help ensure the quality of life we know and enjoy."

Dr. Sonja Sperlich, Forever Frederick County Campaign donor

How Will Your Gift to Forever Frederick County Make A Difference?

The Community Foundation is being a proactive leader in addressing the greatest needs as they emerge, and many donors have already sought our guidance. They have put their trust in the board and staff to invest their charitable gifts and grant them wisely, to act with integrity, and to communicate with transparency.

Every strategic grant made from Forever Frederick County funds will be with the intention of vastly improving an area of greatest need. Interested in learning more? Read our Forever Frederick County Case for Support.

You can help.

You can be part of this movement. You can be the influence for change. You can be a leader by stepping forward. Your gift today will help ensure that Frederick County is forever. 

Some of our generous donors who have given their support to Forever Frederick County include:

Founding Donors

  • Mr. and Mrs. Ernest W. Ausherman Fund
  • Nevin S. Baker Fund
  • Sam and Joan Barrick Fund
  • J. Milton Brunk Memorial Endowment Fund
  • C. Lester and Dorothy Dudrow Fund
  • Frederick Brick Works, Inc., Fund
  • Frederick County Developers, Inc. Fund
  • Mr. and Mrs. Guy E. Kelly Fund
  • Don Linton Family Fund
  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles V. Main Fund
  • Wayne C. Neely and Margaret S. Neely Fund
  • Edwin F. Nikirk Family Fund
  • W. Jerome Offutt Family Fund
  • Peter H. and Lorraine Plamondon Fund
  • Mr. and Mrs. Myron W. Randall Fund
  • F. Lawrence and Shirley J. Silbernagel Endowment Fund
  • Klare S. Sunderland Fund
  • Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Thomas Unrestricted Endowment Fund
  • Mr. and Mrs. Norman E. Waltz Fund
  • De Willard Family Fund
  • Bob and Becky Windsor Fund
  • Jean Wright Memorial Fund

Additional Unrestricted Fund Founders

  • BB&T Unrestricted Fund
  • R. Perry and Ethel Beckley Fund
  • Joseph D. Byrd Fund
  • Nancy's Charitable Fund
  • Lester and Dorothy Dudrow Fund
  • Frederick Mutual Insurance Company Fund
  • John L. and Lucille H. Ponton Endowment Fund
  • Millard Milburn Rice and Mabel Long Rice Family Trust
  • General Clair Wayne Shisler Fund
  • Lynne Marie Warner Memorial Fund
  • Janis Miller Wertheimer Endowment Fund

Secondary Intentions

  • Samuel W. and Joan J. Barrick Fund
  • BB&T Fund
  • Isaiah Charles Brown Memorial Fund
  • Ken and Lynn Burdette Donor-Advised Fund
  • Marion D. and Alice E. Carmack Endowment Fund
  • Gordon M. and Teresa Warfield Cooley Charitable Gift Fund
  • Don Doughty and Linda Moran Fund
  • Jean Ellis and Florence Guss Memorial Fund
  • Norman W., Edna V. and Dorothy L. Etzler Memorial Fund
  • Fair-McCormack Family Fund
  • Ford/Tolman Fund
  • Lewis and Clara Fraley Memorial Fund
  • Franck/Greenwood Fund
  • Frederick Jaycees Fund
  • Frederick Mutual Insurance Company Donor-Advised Fund
  • FoodPRO CORP Fund
  • Halleman Family Fund
  • D. Hunt and Joan Hendrickson Fund
  • Charles W. Hoff, III and Margaret O. Hoff Family Fund
  • Robert G. Hooper Family Fund
  • William Hurwitz Memorial Endowment Fund
  • Lyons Family Fund
  • Make a Difference in Thurmont Fund
  • Marmet Family Fund
  • Morgan-Keller, Inc., Endowment Fund
  • Patriot Technologies Charitable Fund
  • Ruth Ann Randall and James Edwin Smith Fund
  • Philip Rauh Family Endowment Fund
  • Dr. Harold and Anna Lee Schaden Memorial Fund
  • Linda M. Snyder Memorial Fund
  • David and Kay Stauffer Family Fund
  • Dan and Jackie Ward Family Fund
  • Mr. and Mrs. John C. Warfield Fund
  • Will Group Fund

Cornerstone Donors

  • Anonymous Donor #13
  • Dr. and Mrs. Arthur O. Anderson
  • Mrs. Elizabeth J. Brady
  • Mr. and Mrs. John D. Brunk
  • Mr. and Mrs. D. Hunt Hendrickson
  • Mrs. Janet E. King
  • Ms. Eileen Mercer
  • Ms. Meredith “Marty” Mercer-Akre
  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Nicodemus
  • Mrs. Marcella D. Shtatman
  • Dr. Sonja B. Sperlich
  • Dr. Ashley Waters
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Wilson

New Unrestricted Fund Founders and Donors

  • Ausherman Family Trust
  • Mr. Nick Carrera
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Cooley
  • Mr. and Mrs. James R. Shoemaker
  • Dr. Sonja B. Sperlich
  • Ms. Lois Noffsinger Spurrier

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