David G. Marshall Memorial Scholarship Fund

Founded by his family and Frederick Aviation, Inc., for students pursuing a career in the aviation industry.

Since childhood, David G. Marshall had a passion for flying. In high school, when his aspirations of attending the Naval Academy did not materialize, he did not let his love for aviation and overall dream to fly diminish. He went to Frederick Aviation directly after high school and worked on the flight line. During the same time, David took flying lessons and earned his private pilot’s license as well as his commercial license. In addition, he became a flight instructor. When a forklift accident claimed his life at Frederick Airport in 2000, family members created The David G. Marshall Memorial Scholarship Fund to help others achieve their aviation dreams. This fund provides scholarships to students with a 3.0 grade point average or higher, who demonstrate financial need, academic promise, character, a love for aviation, and a desire to pursue careers in the aviation industry as David had done.

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