Dan Crozier Music Trust Fund

Founded with proceeds from the Dan Crozier Music Trust to promote music appreciation, grants to musical organizations, concerts, and music scholarships.

Dan Crozier worked for the United States Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases at Fort Detrick in Frederick. Although Dr. Crozier and his wife never had children of their own, he was passionate about both children and music. Dr. Crozier set up a trust fund in his will to promote music appreciation throughout Frederick County. For years, the trust awarded grants and scholarships to create awareness about music in the Frederick community. The Dan Crozier Music Trust Fund, established with proceeds from dissolving The Dan Crozier Music Trust to continue Dr. Crozier’s legacy, provides grants to musical organizations for sheet music, instruments and other necessary supplies and materials and awards scholarships to assist high school and college level students pursue formal musical education and training. In addition, this fund helps underwrite the costs of presenting and expanding the number of band and musical concerts in Frederick County.

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