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Preservation and Enhancement Fund of Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Inc.

Founded by Mt. Olivet's board of directors, the fund will assist in the conservation of the natural beauty and historic integrity of Mount Olivet Cemetery, a Frederick landmark since its dedication in 1854. Learn More

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William B. Price, Jr. Scholarship Fund

Founded by Bill and Lynne Price for Frederick High School graduating seniors, preferably members of the boys cross-country team. Learn More

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Joseph, Caroline, and Carole Lynne Price Scholarship Fund

Founded by Caroline and Carole Lynne Price for students attending McDaniel College. Learn More

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Pritchett Family Foundation Fund

Founded by Jerry and Molly Pritchett to provide grants supporting programs for children with physical disabilities and/or children with financial need. Learn More

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Project Christine Fund

Founded by parents Susan and Daniel Tipsord for services that equip parents to help their surviving children cope after the loss of children to illnesses or accidents. Learn More

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Project X Fund

A fund to honor a local humanitarian and their service to our community. Learn More

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Rev. Dr. Rodney B. Pulliam and Rodney II, Jordan, and Matthew Pulliam Memorial Fund

Founded by wife and mother Tammie Armstead Pulliam with memorial contributions for grants and scholarships, preferably in support of males ages 5 to 40. Learn More

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