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Peg and Orley Bourland Educational Assistance Fund for Glade Valley

Founded by the Bourlands with their 2008 Wertheimer Fellow for Excellence in Volunteerism award. Learn More

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Dr. Ulysses G. Bourne, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Fund

Founded by daughter Dr. Blanche Bourne-Tyree for students majoring in medicine or a related field. Learn More

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Boy Scouting in Frederick County Region Fund

Founded by friends of Donald C. Linton to support Boy Scouts of America activities in Frederick County. Learn More

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Bob Boyer and Elizabeth Reeder Fund

Founded by Bob Boyer and Elizabeth Reeder to support University of Maryland School of Nursing. Learn More

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Don and Sharon Boyer Fund

Founded by Middletown High School alumni for Frederick County Public Schools to support participation recognition materials for the Don Boyer Invitational and other track events. Learn More

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Debbie Wolfe Bradley Scholarship Fund

Founded by the Wolfe family for Walkersville High School graduates pursuing a career in the theater arts. Learn More

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Elizabeth J. Brady Charitable Fund

Founded by Elizabeth Brady with her 2004 Wertheimer Fellow for Excellence in Volunteerism award for Frederick Rescue Mission, Habitat for Humanity of Frederick County, Mission of Mercy and Salvation Army. Learn More

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Brandenburg Fund

Founded through the estate of Margaret M. Brandenburg to support Pleasant Valley United Methodist Church. Learn More

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