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A Legacy of Giving in New Market, Linganore

There are countless ways to make an impact on the community – volunteer time, donate money and goods, mentor others, join a service organization. The Community Foundation of Frederick County partners with individuals, families and organizations who want to build a legacy around their giving and impact. Several funds are creating a legacy around giving in the Linganore and New Market area.

Emmitsburg: A Small Town With Mighty Donors

Taking up less than two square miles and with a population of just over 3,000 people, the historic town of Emmitsburg sits tucked into the mountains in northern Frederick County. While it’s generally not considered a bustling area, the town enjoys a strong sense of community. A commitment to the well-being of Emmitsburg and its residents can be seen in several funds created with The Community Foundation of Frederick County.

Building a Legacy Around Caring for Animals

While Frederick County has thousands of perfectly happy and very spoiled pets, there are also many animals in need – in need of homes, in need of spaying, in need of medical care. Fortunately, Frederick County is also home to generous donors who have made it their mission to make sure animals are cared for and healthy, for now and in the future.

Generous Donors Invest in Frederick County’s Small Towns

Part of what makes Frederick County unique is that its home to a mix of charming small towns and Main Streets, rural farmlands, and bustling city centers. That level of diversity serves citizens well, but it also means there are different needs to be met in different parts of the county. The Community Foundation supports funds that focus on needs in all corners of Frederick County, including the thriving town of Brunswick.