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Memorial Contributions

Memorial contributions for Frederick Michel

Memorial contributions for Nancy Carmack Eppley 

For additional memorial contribution information, go to our homepage announcements.

General Support

General Support. Support the operations and grantmaking of the Community Foundation.

Widening Circles Society. You can help us continue to tell the stories of those in need and connect people who care in Frederick County with the causes that matter.

Partners in Philanthropy. An opportunity for businesses and civic groups to create change through the Community Foundation by connecting people who care with causes that matter.

Support our Greatest Needs

Strategic Funding Partners. You can make a difference in the lives of many by supporting the greatest needs in Frederick County.

Current needs are:

  • Preparing for an aging population
  • Supporting people experiencing substance use disorder
  • Supporting families and their children

Forever Frederick County. You can be an influence for change by supporting our areas of greatest need. Your gift to this permanent fund will ensure Frederick County is FOREVER.

Explore Funds

Explore funds and add to an existing fund. Give to one of more of our 770 funds that mirror your interests.

Create your own fund.  Establish a fund to support your favorite nonprofit, honor a loved one, or support your profession through grants and/or scholarships.


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