The Community Foundation's mission and impact is furthered by the hard work of its standing committees. Committee members meet regularly to share their expertise and develop strategy. By focusing on specific areas within the organization, they assist in maximizing impact within the community.

Some committee members are appointed by the Board of Trustees, and some are open to those interested in serving.

Current committees and those serving include:

Executive Committee

  • Dr. Rachel I. Mandel, Chair, Consultant
  • Ian P. Bartman, Esq., First Vice Chair,
    Principal, Offit Kurman, P.A.
  • Beatrice H. Reaver, Second Vice Chair,
    Retired Director, Human Resources, Emmitsburg Glass Company
  • Veronica D. Lowe, Secretary,
    Deputy Director of Labor and Employee Relations, Maryland Transit Administration
  • James D. Summers, CPA, Treasurer
    Summers & Summers CPAs
  • Michael H. Delauter, Esq., Immediate Past Chair
    Principal, The Law Offices of Michael H. Delauter, LLC

Audit Committee

  • Kimberly S. Chaney, CPA, Chair
  • Carlos M. Arze
  • Patricia Maluchnik, CIC, CBIA

Development Committee

  • Linda S. Thane Morgan, Chair
  • Mary Barry
  • Ashley Goldsborough
  • Gabi Keller
  • Justin Saltzman
  • PW Shaffer
  • Jeff Waltz

Governance Committee

Richard Pearrell, Chair
Gordon M. Cooley
Paul D. Rose, Jr., Esq.
Daniel J. Schiffman
Dr. Shawn Wolf

Grants Committee

Ian P. Bartman, Esq., Chair
Stacey Collins
Michael Cumberland
Taitia Elliott
Scott Geisbert
Jenny Huseman
Detric L. Kemp, Esq.
Frank Lebherz
Veronica D. Lowe
Darryn Naylin, Pharm D
Jeffrey Poirier
Doug Propheter
Beatrice H. Reaver
Abbie Ricketts
Melissa Sines
Louanne S. Welgoss
Dr. Shawn Wolf

Investment Committee

  • Daniel Schiffman, Chair
    Carlos M. Arze
  • Kimberly S. Chaney, CPA
    Joshua Donofry
  • Jean M. Joyce, CFP
  • Erik Moore, AIF
    Beatrice H. Reaver
  • Brian Ropp

Marketing Committee

Louanne S. Welgoss, Chair
Stacey Collins
Jeanne Hall
Ted Luck
Dr. Shawn Wolf
Jean Wright

Professional Advisor Council Charting Committee

  • James D. Summers, CPA, Chair
    Lena A. Clark, Esq.
    Gordon M. Cooley
  • Eric Dallavalle
  • Will Dove, CPA
    Ashley Goldsborough
    Nathan Harris
  • Kristen Howes
  • Jean M. Joyce, CFP
  • Detric L. Kemp, Esq.
  • Brian E. Rippeon, CPA
  • Marty Snyder, Esq.
  • Danny Tregoning, Esq.

Real Estate Committee

  • Ashleigh Kiggans, Chair
    Gordon M. Cooley

Scholarship Committee

*denotes Leadership Team

  • Taitia Elliott*, Chair
  • Jerome Albright
  • Valerie Andrews
  • Tracy Arnold
  • Brooke Augustine
  • Andrea Zona Baker
  • Sue Basford
  • Amy Benton
  • Peter Brehm
  • Linda Brown
  • Ray Brown
  • Sandy Brunken
  • Sherry Burgee
  • Andrew Burgoyne
  • Ronald Butts
  • Steven Campbell
  • Joan Canfield*
  • Brandon Cannon*
  • Karen Christof
  • Teresa Cochran
  • Erica Cox
  • Ashley Craig
  • Nancy Davis
  • Maria Dennis
  • Elizabeth DeRose
  • Duane Doxzen
  • Mary Ellis
  • Brigitte Farrell
  • Matt Fleischer
  • Elizabeth Forbes
  • Paul Foss
  • Marie Elena Fraley
  • Pamela Francis
  • Kathy Frawley
  • Jim French
  • Robert Galey
  • Jim Gangawere
  • Griff Garwood
  • Donna Gaver
  • Kelli Goetz
  • Kathy Gordon
  • Nancy Gordon
  • Jacquelyn Grossnickle
  • Megan Guzman
  • Patti Hagemann
  • Marcia Hahn
  • Ryan Harshman
  • Ed Haser
  • Peggy Haser
  • Susan Hayes
  • Laura Heck
  • Georgia Helthall
  • D. Hunt Hendrickson
  • Joan Hendrickson
  • Carmen Hernandez, MD
  • Jennifer Hogg
  • Billie Homberg
  • Skip Irwin
  • Leigh Joos
  • Daniel Lajewski
  • Dayna Lane
  • Jean LaPadula
  • Brittany Layne
  • April Lee
  • Vicki Lee
  • Brett Leonard
  • Veronica Lowe*
  • Lee Lushbaugh
  • Amy Lyons
  • Susan Lyons
  • Andrea Mannix
  • Jan Marcus
  • Julie Martorana
  • Rokhaya Mbtengue
  • Kelsey McManimon
  • Laura Melia
  • Doug Murphy
  • Emily Myers
  • Darryn Naylin
  • Titilayo Ogunmakinwa
  • Nicole Orr
  • Susan Pacific
  • Cindy Palmer*
  • Jared Parsek
  • Rachael Pashkevich, Esq.
  • Kelli Pavelko
  • Tejasri Pavuluri
  • Jean Peterson
  • Greg Powell
  • Catherine Randazzo
  • Marv Regner
  • Lisa Remsberg
  • Abigail Richon
  • Rick Rogers
  • Robin Rose
  • Elin Ross
  • Norman Ross
  • Karen Ruehl
  • Mary Ann Rundall
  • Daniel Schiffman
  • Holly Schor
  • Laura Sherwood
  • Sally Smith
  • Dr. Sonja Sperlich
  • Loberta Staley
  • Amy Steinhoff
  • Kelly Stern
  • Cynthia Terl
    Michael Trout
  • Anjanette Vaughns
  • Charlotte Warrenfeltz
  • Katharine Warthen
  • Ashley Waters
  • Nancy Wilson
  • Susie Wireman
  • Wayne Wireman
  • Tammie Workman
  • Hongwei Xu
  • Wendy Yingling

Strategic Planning Initiatives: Shawn Wolf, Champion

DEI Audit

Ashleigh Kiggins, Co-Champion
Veronica Lowe, Co-Champion

CFInsights Comparative Study

Kim Chaney, CPA, Champion

CFInsights Leadership Readiness Assessment

Rachel I. Mandel, MD, MHA, Champion

Governance Survey

Richard Pearrell, Champion

Donor Satisfaction Survey

Linda Morgan, Champion

Lapsed Donor Survey

  • Louanne Welgoss, Champion

Human Needs Assessment Update

Ian Bartman, Esq., Champion


Detric Kemp, Esq., Chair
Gordon Cooley
Michael Delauter, Esq.

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