Rice Tire Employee Hardship Fund Established at Community Foundation

FREDERICK, MD – July 8, 2020: To support employees experiencing financial difficulty during the coronavirus pandemic, The Rice Tire Employee Hardship Fund has been established with The Community Foundation of Frederick County and becomes one of its more than 720 component funds.

Rice Tire company leaders decided to create the fund because they knew that many of their employees were struggling to make ends meet due to the economic fallout caused by the pandemic, and company leadership wanted to do something to help during this uncertain time.

The fund’s purpose is to provide support for Rice Tire employees and their families who are faced with unforeseen financial expenses. These include, but are not limited to, housing, transportation or insurance, utilities and medical expenses that have been brought on by a pandemic, a catastrophic loss or event, or treatment for a seriously ill family member with special needs due to an existing medical condition.