The 2018 Frederick County Human Needs Assessment Report

FCAA Housing First Client

Frederick Community Action Agency’s Housing First Program provides subsidized permanent supportive housing for people who are disabled and/or chronically homeless. This man, a Housing First resident, has benefited from the program, which was supported by a grant from The Basic Human Needs Strategic Initiatives Fund.

The 2018 Frederick County Human Needs Assessment

The Community Foundation commissioned and has completed the 2018 Frederick County Human Needs Assessment to continue the work started in 2011 to help determine the most pressing needs in Frederick County.  The purpose of this work is to provide the greatest positive community impact over the next five to ten years through its grantmaking and scholarship programs, and to provide a solid, unbiased assessment of greatest needs as identified now and trends for the future.

The results of the 2018 Human Needs Assessment elevate the following as high priorities in Frederick County:

  • Supporting families with children.
  • Preparing for a growing aging population.
  • Responding to substance use disorder.

These three issues include important elements of the human needs identified by the 2011 effort.

Click here for a PDF copy of the complete 2018 Frederick County Human Needs Assessment Report.

Click here for a PDF copy of the Executive Summary of the 2018 Frederick County Human Needs Assessment Report.

Executive Summary

An executive summary of the report is available and includes information about the Community Foundation's strategic grantmaking for 2019 and beyond based on the priorities listed above.  

Data Visualization Tool

The data visualization tool allows users to examine important local, state, and national trends over the prior 20 years related to human needs in Frederick County. The visualization tool is based on the aggregation of many different official sources of demographics and statistics and serves as another common reference for ongoing efforts to serve human needs in the County. To access the tool, click here

Research and Sponsors

The assessment research and compilation was performed by Erik Devereux, PhD, Devereux Consulting, and Beth Osborne Daponte, PhD, Social Science Consultants. Additional contributors to this work are listed on page ii in the full report.

The research and final report would not have been possible without the support of these co-sponsors, and we gratefully recognize their support:

  • Ausherman Family Foundation
  • The Joseph D. Baker Fund
  • Delaplaine Foundation
  • Frederick County Government
  • The Robert C. and Jane E. Ladner Charitable Fund
  • Helen J. Serini Foundation
  • United Way of Frederick County

Under the direction of the Community Foundation’s Strategic Planning/Needs Assessment Subcommittee chaired by Dr. Rachel Mandel, trustee, a Research Advisory Board was appointed and provided expert advice and guidance throughout the project. These members are listed in Appendix A, page 107 of the full report.

The 2011 Frederick County Human Needs Assessment

The 2011 Human Needs Assessment was completed and released in August 2011. In an effort to align donors with their desire to help with the greatest needs in the community, we retained the Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance - Jacob France Institute of the University of Baltimore, with the Johns Hopkins Institute for Policy Studies. The research covered all areas of human services and created benchmarks to track and measure the impact of strategic grantsmaking.

The Board of Trustees, after careful review of the research results, decided to focus on three areas and created three funds:

  • The Health Care Strategic Initiatives Fund - for access to health care for those who are uninsured and under-insured
  • The Children and Youth Strategic Initiatives Fund - for school readiness for children, age birth to 5
  • The Basic Human Needs Strategic Initiatives Fund - for housing, with emphasis on those newly homeless and those precariously housed

Since 2011 when the first strategic grants were made, more than $2.3 million has been invested into supporting these areas. Visit the strategic grants page to learn more.

The project would not have been possible without the following funding partners: Ausherman Family Trust, Delaplaine Foundation, PNC, and United Way of Frederick County.

2011 Needs Assessment Documents 
The 2011 Frederick County Human Needs Assessment documents are available below:

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