Grant FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

We welcome questions! Questions we hear a lot are listed below, and more information can be found in the Grant Guidebook.

What do we fund?

Our grant funding is divided into five different opportunities, each with unique applications, funding priorities, and deadlines.

Strategic Grants

We fund nonprofits meeting the areas of greatest need in Frederick County through strategic grants. These needs have been identified in The 2011 Frederick County Human Needs Assessment Report and The 2018 Frederick County Human Needs Assessment Report. The focus of strategic grant funding may change as new data becomes available.

Impact Grants

We support nonprofit organizations offering a wide array of programs that improve the community and provide opportunities for people of all ages through impact grants. Funding can support health and human services, historic preservation, the arts, and more.

Rolling Grants

We support nonprofits meeting the needs of individual Frederick County residents through rolling grants. Funds remain available until they are used, or until June 1 each year. Funding can support extraordinary medical needs, a “hand-up” to someone experiencing hardship, or other purposes as funds become available.

Sgt. David J. Smith Veterans Relief Fund Grants

This relief application is to provide support for the veterans and their families who are faced with unforeseen financial distress. Grants will be provided to nonprofit organizations applying on behalf of the household. Beneficiaries of this support must be residents of Frederick County, Maryland, with an honorable military discharge. A veteran may receive support under this grant once every twelve months.

Women’s Giving Circle of Frederick County Fund Grants

The Women’s Giving Circle of Frederick County grants support programs that empower women ages 18 and over in challenging situations to improve the quality of their lives. Nonprofit organizations that offer programs and/or services that increase earning potential and future sustainability for women in Frederick County, Maryland, are eligible to apply.

How does the grant process work?

Applicants submit grant applications through Foundant, our online system, within the specified application period listed below. The Community Foundation Grants Committee, comprised of trustees and other community volunteers with specific expertise, review the applications and make funding recommendations that are approved by our Board of Trustees.

What grants are currently available?

Click HERE to preview currently available grant opportunities.

Our organization is not located in Frederick County, but we serve Frederick County residents. Can we apply?

Yes. Your organization is welcome to apply; however, any grants provided by the Community Foundation must be used specifically to support the costs associated with serving Frederick County.

How do I apply?

Applications must be submitted through Foundant, our online grants management system. Visit Foundant to access an existing user profile or to create a new profile.

Is my organization or project eligible for funding from the Community Foundation?

The Community Foundation awards grants to nonprofits with 501c3 status, a government agency applying for an extraordinary project that is not funded by tax revenue, a religious organization requesting funding for non-sectarian activities and civic groups that are not a 501c3 requesting funding for a community cause.

Can I apply for a grant from the Community Foundation if I have a personal need?

Individuals cannot apply for support through our community grant programs. However, if you are working with a nonprofit organization, church, government agency, or civic group, that organization can apply on your behalf through our Impact, Rolling, and/or Sgt David J. Smith Veterans Relief Fund. Criteria and timelines vary.

Can I modify my application once I hit “submit”?

Yes. Applications can be modified until the application deadline. If the application has already been submitted, the Community Foundation will have to open your application back up to you. Please contact us to make that request at 301-695-7660 or

What happens after my organization receives a grant?

Your organization will receive an email from notifying you of how much your organization was awarded and next steps. Rolling Grant and Sgt. David J. Smith Veterans Relief Fund grant notifications may come directly from the Community Foundation. Reporting obligations are outlined further in the Grant Guidebook.

Do you provide multi-year funding?

The Community Foundation does not provide multi-year funding at this time.

Are grant funds distributed as an upfront payment or through reimbursement?

Grants are generally disbursed in full during the first month of the grant period. Exceptions are as follows:

  • If the applicant is a civic organization, grants will be disbursed on a reimbursement basis. Reimbursement requests by the applicant must include proof of expense and of having addressed the approved community cause. Reimbursement(s) can be requested at any point during the grant period.
  • If the applicant is requesting payment to a third-party vendor, Community Impact staff will work with the applicant to determine the best plan of action for payment.

What if the approved project budget or services change during the grant period?

Funding is restricted to supporting the activities and expenses outlined in the approved grant application.

However, before the end of the grant period, organizations can request a variance to modify the budget or program services. Please contact Community Impact staff at least three months before the end of the grant period to make a variance request. Variances must be approved by the Community Foundation’s Board of Trustees and are not guaranteed to be approved.

What if my organization does not use all of the funds granted to us?

Applicants awarded grants must return any unused monies within 60 days of the end of the grant period or the Community Foundation requires the return of the grant if the conditions of the grant are not met.

However, before the end of the grant period, organizations can request a variance to extend the spending period. Please contact Community Impact staff at least three months before the end of the grant period to make a variance request. Variances must be approved by the Community Foundation’s Board of Trustees and are not guaranteed to be approved.

The Community Impact team is here to help – call 301.695.7660 to speak with someone directly.