The Wertheimer Fellow Awards

Please note, nominations for the Wertheimer Fellow and Youth in Action Awards closed on May 31, 2021.

Named for the late Janis Miller Wertheimer, a well-known Frederick County businesswoman and prolific volunteer, Wertheimer Fellows are recognized for their sweat equity rather than their financial contributions to the local community—leaving a lasting legacy of giving in everything they do.

Wertheimer Fellows for Excellence in Volunteerism are recognized at the Community Foundation’s Annual Report to the Community each November and are awarded $25,000 to establish or add to a permanent fund with the Community Foundation for the nonprofit or charitable endeavor of their choice.

The Wertheimer Youth in Action Award honors a young person under the age of 18 each November who is positively impacting the community by volunteering their time and talent and is awarded a $2,000 grant to give to the nonprofit of their choice.

Janis Miller Wertheimer

Jan Wertheimer

Mrs. Wertheimer was a lifelong Frederick resident and a 1929 graduate of Hood College. She and her husband Philip owned Nicodemus and Wertheimer, an insurance and real estate agency, and she was an active volunteer with many local organizations until her death in 2001. The Janis Miller Wertheimer Fund supports the awards program named for her, and other funds support seven nonprofits. By supporting the good works of others, Mrs. Wertheimer's legacy of making Frederick County the best it can be is realized in perpetuity.

The 2020 Wertheimer Fellows for Excellence in Volunteerism

Sally Arnold

Sally Arnold has made a profound impact in Frederick County from her volunteer service as a certified 4-H volunteer for the last 45 years. She is known for bringing people together and making connections that might not have been made otherwise. She thrives on building relationships and spreading love, from educating youth to supporting the elderly.

Some examples of Mrs. Arnold’s volunteer work include picking up trash along the sides of a littered road, volunteering to serve dinners at the Jefferson Ruritan, and putting together boxes at Thanksgiving and gathering Christmas presents for families in need. She teaches 4-H youth the value of performing selfless acts to encourage her club members to also be active in the community. Some of her other volunteer activities include playing the organ for local churches and being involved in Brunswick High School’s Future Farmers of America program and the Great Frederick Fair’s 4-H programs.

With her award, Mrs. Arnold has created The Richard and Sally Arnold Family Fund with the Community Foundation to provide grants to support the programs and activities of Frederick County 4-H Camp and Activities Center. 


Shari Ostrow Scher

Shari Ostrow Scher is the founder of Children of Incarcerated Parents Partnership (COIPP). The nonprofit provides support for children, their incarcerated parents, and alternate caregivers through activities for children, parenting classes, caregiver workshops, post-release support group sessions, and other support services.

Under Mrs. Scher’s leadership, COIPP served more than 700 individuals, their children, and caregivers in 2019. COIPP’s all-volunteer members come from all over Frederick County, providing thousands of hours of service. Mrs. Scher has never taken a salary for her efforts in leading the organization. Her long-time volunteer commitment to this underserved population in Frederick County has made a significant impact, and people around the world reach out to her for assistance in starting similar programs.

With her award, Mrs. Scher has established The Scher Family Fund with the Community Foundation to provide grants to support the programs and activities of Children of Incarcerated Parents Partnership.


Daryenne Elizabeth Dorsey, 2020 Youth in Action Honoree

Daryenne Elizabeth Dorsey has been volunteering since the age of 6 when she decided to run for Frederick County Volunteer Fire & Rescue Association’s Little Miss Fire Prevention in 2008. She has been a volunteer with United Steam Fire Engine Company #3 since 2014.

Ms. Dorsey was instrumental in establishing what is now known as the Junior Swamper program for the department, making her one of the first junior members of the department. She has progressed through apprentice membership and now serves as a senior member and continues in that volunteer role to date. Ms. Dorsey’s dedication to volunteerism has meant several hours of training. She selflessly gives of her time whenever possible, assisting at fundraising events, assisting with education and prevention events, attending formal and informal training, attendance at a variety of meetings within the corporation, and providing basic life support on one of the corporation’s transport units.

With her award, Ms. Dorsey is providing a grant to United Steam Fire Engine Company #3 in support of its mission.


List of Wertheimer Fellows and Youth in Action Honorees:

Past Wertheimer Fellows

Cecilia Bach
Orley and Margaret Bourland
Virginia "Ginny" Brace
Elizabeth J. Brady
Peter Brehm
RaeAnn E. Butler
Daniel W. Campbell
Dennis Cannon
Sandy Cox
Jeanie Cronin
Lawrence A. “Tommy” Dorsey
George and Ruth Dredden
Marlene England
Kristopher Fair
Susan Favorite
Leah Fleming
Christy Fuss
Caroline Gaver
Charlotte and Charles Glick
Richard M. Golling, Jr.
Diana R. Halleman
Aje Hill
Dr. Peter Kremers
Miriam Lane
Ronald L. Layman, Sr.
William O. Lee, Jr.
Eugene Long
Richard Markey
Susie Z. Miller
Jeannine Milyard
C. Rodman Myers
Viola M. Noffsinger
Ronnie Osterman
Frank Parsons
Jennie Sue Pearson
Colleen Remsberg
Nancy Roblin
Leslie Ruby
Edna and Grace Smith
Jane and Charles Smith
Robert F. Ward
Dr. George Waxter
Fran Wenner
Grace Winpigler
Gail A. Wood
Vaughn Zimmerman

Past Youth in Action Honorees

Paulina Bustillos
Cristian Castillo
Lane Davis
Vanessa Fox
Leila Ghaffari
Madeline Makusky
Caleb McNeil
Simon Price
Emily Zimmerman

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