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With more than $86 million in grants and scholarships invested into Frederick County since 1986, our donors have stepped up to the plate caring about their fellow citizens and impacting lives. We focus on immediate and future needs, with emphasis on providing long-term solutions to both.

Shared Philanthropic Data and Gaps Analysis: 2020 Report

Shared Philanthropic Data and Gaps Analysis: 2020 Report

Eleven philanthropies and other funders who support nonprofit organizations and community groups in Frederick County, Maryland shared their 2020 grantmaking data using a common coding system. This report summarizes the combined 2020 grantmaking of these eleven funders with reference to several recent needs assessments conducted in the County. Note that this data only includes grants made by one program within Frederick County Government and that most of the County’s spending on nonprofits and COVID-19 emergency relief is not included in this report.



Affecting favorable change in the community is a process. The impact can be seen through something as simple as funding more weekend food backpacks for low-income children. Positive impact created over time, such as grants that help people who are underinsured or uninsured access health care, is part of our long-term commitment to making Frederick County the best it can be.

We love to share grant impact. Visit Grant Impact Stories for a sampling of how Community Foundation grants have enhanced countless lives in our community.


We're constantly looking at the changing needs of Frederick County and are a proactive community leader in determining where the greatest needs exist. Our current strategic initiatives focus on supporting families with children, preparing for an aging population, and responding to substance use disorder.

As we explore the future and plan for change that will happen 10, 20, and even 50 years from now, new initiatives that serve the best interests of Frederick County and its people will evolve.

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