Since 1986, the Community Foundation has been the leading source for post-secondary scholarship funding in Frederick County. Our program supports nearly every area of study imaginable, with scholarships funded by generous donors who believe in the value of education.

Some donors want to support students aspiring to careers similar to theirs; other donors want to give back to the community that has generously given to them. Others wish to honor the legacies of their loved ones, both living and deceased.

2021-2022 General Scholarship Application Information

The Community Foundation of Frederick County scholarship application closed on March 31, 2021. Students will be notified about their application status by early June 2021. 

For information about scholarships outside of the general scholarship cycle, please see below.

2021 Music Instruction Scholarships

From May 1 through May 31, 2021, The Community Foundation of Frederick County is accepting online applications for music instruction scholarships. No paper applications are accepted.

Students ages 5 through 18 who are currently pursuing instrumental or vocal music instruction may apply for a music scholarship supporting private or group instruction. Students must be enrolled in music instruction at the time of application and must be a Frederick County, Maryland resident.

The Sperry L. Storm Memorial Scholarship Fund

Sperry Storm was a well-known Frederick County musician whose mother inspired his musical talent with piano lessons at a young age. By his retirement in 1976, Mr. Storm had spent almost 50 years teaching privately and 35 years as a public school music educator. The Sperry L. Storm Memorial Scholarship Fund, founded to continue Mr. Storm’s legacy, awards scholarships for students of Frederick County Public Schools attending kindergarten through 11th grade and are pursuing music instruction.


The Guss Family Scholarship Fund for the Arts 

Founded by Tuviah Guss and Tracey Ellis-Guss, this fund provides scholarships to Frederick County residents who are in kindergarten through 11th grade studying music.


The Dustin and Courtney Muse Memorial Fund

Founded in memory of Dustin and Courtney Muse, who were two Frederick youths with outstanding scholastic, artistic, and athletic achievements, this fund provides scholarships to students ages 5 through 18 who are pursuing private lessons to enhance their opportunities and/or to have careers in vocal or instrumental performance.


Internship Opportunity

Please see below an internship opportunity with the Frederick Rescue Mission. For more information, please contact Valerie Moore with the Frederick Rescue Mission at [email protected]

F.O.O.D. (Frederick Organizations Optimizing Distribution) Data Intern – Frederick Rescue Mission

No one in Frederick County should go hungry. The Frederick community is very generous and there are enough resources to overcome food insecurity issues. Thus, it is necessary to identify those areas and populations in need of food along with connecting with those who want to provide food outreaches. The F.O.O.D. (Frederick Organizations Optimizing Distribution) Intern is primarily responsible for addressing food insecurity issues by connecting those in need with those who want to help.  The ultimate goal of this position is to eliminate duplication and unnecessary competition while maximizing effectiveness to meet the needs of those who are hungry and impoverished.

Duties include consistent management of the Frederick County Government Division of Emergency Management’s GIS (Geographic Information Systems) mapping tool to keep information current and accurate, working knowledge of F.O.O.D. project objectives, social media support, data analyzation, and tasks as assigned by the F.O.O.D. Collaborative Manager.

To view the complete job description, click here.

I am attending Villanova University majoring in chemical engineering, with a pre-med track. I intend to obtain Ph.D. and M.D. degrees and go into research to develop medical devices. Because of a summer encounter program through my parish interacting with children, I want to create mentorship programs and my education will grant me the platform for such ventures. Thank you for investing my future.

Pia Nomen, recipient of The Kevin R. and Sara J. Wade Scholarship, 2018-2019.

Trade,Technical, and Other Scholarships

Scholarships available outside of the general scholarship program are posted here. 

Frederick County residents studying to enter trade and technical fields may apply to receive scholarships that help pay for training at an accredited trade or technical school, certification exams, tools, and other necessary supplies for study and work in the trade. Students may apply at any time and will be notified of the status within 45 days of the application. Scholarships will be paid directly to a school or vendor, and may not be used for reimbursement of tuition payments or purchases of exams, tools, or supplies. Each scholarship will remain open until funds are depleted.

The George Wesley Gilbert Memorial Scholarship Fund

Scholarships to help cover tuition, fees, and supplies are available to students enrolled in trade or technical study in any area.


The John Franklin Harrison Memorial Scholarship Fund

Scholarships are available to students enrolled in trade or technical study, with preference to those with learning disabilities or Linganore High School graduates.


The U. Merhl and Margaret T. Hooper Scholarship Fund

Scholarships are available to students enrolled trade or technical studies for secretarial skills, apprenticeship training programs, building and craft trades, beauty and barber schools, mechanics, auto repair, and other areas that are not traditional four-year degree programs.



The Thomas J. and Kathleen A. Madden Scholarship Fund

Scholarships are available to students entering the plumbing field. Preference will be given to dependents of current employees of All Around Plumbing, Inc. Frederick County residency is not required for this application.

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