The Widening Circles Society

If the community-at-large didn't know about any of the grants or scholarships that generous donors make possible through the Community Foundation, we'd be in big trouble! Gifts to The Widening Circles Society/Partners in Philanthropy Fund support our efforts to tell Frederick County and beyond the great impact that grants and scholarships achieve. Through this support, we "widen our circle" of influence.

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Communication Is Key

In today's world, communication is key. When people in Frederick County know all the good things that are happening as a result of grants and scholarships, others are inspired to make a gift to one or more of our funds.

How Is Grant And Scholarship News Shared?

We use a variety of ways to communicate to the public. Our main sources are the local newspaper, television, and radio. We still use old-fashioned print for newsletters, the annual report, brochures, letters, and more. Our website is a big source of grant and scholarship impact reporting, and we also utilize social media: Facebook, LinkedIn, InstagramTwitter, and YouTube. And of course, "old" technology called email.

Get Involved

Supporting our outreach to educate more people about the impact of grants and scholarships is one of the easiest ways to become a donor. Different levels of membership are available, starting at just $100. And, as always, your gift is tax deductible.

Membership Levels

FY2022 Widening Circles Members

Philanthropist Circle

Stewardship Circle

  • William H. Browning
  • Merle L. and R. Rebecca Guyton
  • Drs. Carmen Hernandez and Manuel Casiano
  • Jeffrey I. Hurwitz
  • Skip and Nikki Irwin
  • Susan Loring
  • Lenny Martin
  • Thomas and Susan Rozynek
  • Tod and Barry Salisbury
  • Betty M. Waltz
  • Rand and Pam Weinberg

Sponsorship Circle

  • David Bandy
  • Mr. and Mrs. Brad Blough
  • Kim Chaney and Ronald McCurdy
  • Lisa Y. Coblentz
  • George and Patricia Cowperthwaite
  • Julie A. Donat and Patricia L. Westgate
  • Tom and Kathleen Igo
  • Dennis and Terri Kieft
  • Drs. Rachel Mandel and Richard Sedlak
  • Delores Shackleford
  • Linda Pruitt-Michielli
  • Jim Summers and Dr. Elly Williams
  • Mr. and Mrs. John E. (Jack) Tritt
  • Matt and Sandy Wiley

Friendship Circle

  • Tim and Jan Ambrose
  • Dorinne S. Armstrong
  • Letty and Jim Carpenter
  • Stacey L. Collins and RaeAnn E. Butler
  • Clyde and Catherine Crum
  • Kathleen M. Davis
  • Mary Lou Doyle
  • Katheryn B. Groth
  • Mr. and Mrs. John D. Grove, Jr.
  • Aje Marcus Hill
  • David and Diane Hoffman
  • Sharon S. Kennedy
  • Janet King
  • Allen R. Knott
  • Mr. and Mrs. David L. Langston
  • George and Pam Lewis
  • Brenda M. Main
  • Mike and Rita McGowan
  • Rick and Susan Miller
  • Marylou Musser
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Noland
  • Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Parker
  • Dr. Richard and Patricia Petre
  • William and Karen Ruehl Family Trust
  • Laura Jean Shaff
  • Shirley A. Shores
  • George and Libby Stauffer
  • Dale and Beth Summers
  • Louise H. Talley
  • The Trott Family
  • Mary Beth Visco and Karl Berger
  • David and Melanie Williamson
  • Dr. Shawn Wolf

Membership Circle

  • Ron and Bonnie Albaugh
  • Anonymous
  • Laurie Boyer Babb
  • Earl and Anita Bartgis
  • Ginny Brace and Jane Moberly
  • Rachel and Paul Beard
  • Nancy Bittle
  • Orley Bourland
  • A. Wayne Buckingham
  • Rhoda Bush
  • David English Carmack
  • Courtney M. Carter
  • Estate of John and Katherine Cheatham
  • John and Colleen Clapp
  • Mrs. Vivian S. Clipp
  • Carol L. Collins
  • Lisa S. Collins
  • Rev. Kenneth V. Daniel and Rev. Dr. Barbara K. Daniel
  • Ms. Lucille Davis
  • George B. Delaplaine, Jr.
  • Ed and Peggy Dwyer
  • Judith L. Eyler
  • Mary and Griff Garwood
  • Arthur and Sara Gernand
  • Bess B. Gladhill
  • Karen and Eric Grenfell
  • Norine and Ted Haas
  • John D. Hendrickson II
  • Susan Heslin
  • Mr. and Mrs. James Hubbard
  • Maureen Kalstrom
  • Lauren Kremers
  • Deborah Lamperti
  • Rev. and Mrs. Albert K. Lane III
  • John Lieuallen
  • Amaris Little
  • Marita and Rick Loose
  • David A. and Norma K. Miller
  • P. Jo Ann Nolan
  • William and Nicole Orr
  • William and Marilyn Orsinger
  • Walter Olson and Steve Pippin
  • Joshua Pedersen
  • Gary and Jean Peterson
  • Thomas and Elizabeth Pollack
  • Ed and Cristina Prensky
  • Nancy Deyle Randall and Myron W. Randall, Jr.
  • Teri Rietfort and Michael King
  • Ms. Kathy Roher
  • Catherine Seibert
  • Beverly Shoemaker
  • David and Brenda Silberman
  • George and Carolyn Smith
  • Carol Stitely
  • Sara Thomas
  • Mike and Marlene Young
  • Georgia Ann Zirkle

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