The Widening Circles Society

If the community-at-large didn't know about any of the grants or scholarships that generous donors make possible through the Community Foundation, we'd be in big trouble! Gifts to The Widening Circles Society/Partners in Philanthropy Fund support our efforts to tell Frederick County and beyond the great impact that grants and scholarships achieve. Through this support, we "widen our circle" of influence.

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Communication Is Key

In today's world, communication is key. When people in Frederick County know all the good things that are happening as a result of grants and scholarships, others are inspired to make a gift to one or more of our funds.

How Is Grant And Scholarship News Shared?

We use a variety of ways to communicate to the public. Our main sources are the local newspaper, television, and radio. We still use old-fashioned print for newsletters, the annual report, brochures, letters, and more. Our website is a big source of grant and scholarship impact reporting, and we also utilize social media: Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. And of course, "old" technology called email.

Get Involved

Supporting our outreach to educate more people about the impact of grants and scholarships is one of the easiest ways to become a donor. Different levels of membership are available, starting at just $100. And, as always, your gift is tax deductible.

Membership Levels

FY2020 Widening Circles Members

Philanthropist Circle

Bess B. Gladhill
Philip and Erika Rauh

Leadership Circle

Stewardship Circle

  • Dr. Gerardo Araiza
  • Michael G. and Elizabeth Y. Day
  • Jane and Jack Doll
  • Betsy and Bob Fisher
  • Kevin Hessler
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Hurwitz
  • Sharon Jacko
  • Jean Joyce
  • Donald and Rebecca Linton
  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Trunk, III
  • Betty M. Waltz
  • De Walt J. Willard, Jr.

Sponsorship Circle

  • Brenda Benna
  • The James H. and Amy N. Clapp Family Fund
  • The Gordon M. and Teresa Warfield Cooley Charitable Gift Fund
  • Kate Costlow and John D'Amore
  • Scott and Betsy Cowperthwaite

  • Mr. Michael Cumberland
  • Dennis and Terri Kieft
  • Daniel J. Lajewski, Jr.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Howard L. Levine
  • Linda Pruitt-Michielli
  • Marv and Mary Regner
  • Wendy Ritter
  • Tod and Barry Salisbury
  • Jim Summers and Elly Williams
  • John E. and A. Jane Tritt
  • Dr. John and Madonna Vitarello
  • The Dan and Jackie Ward Family Fund
  • Matt and Sandy Wiley

Friendship Circle

  • Lt. Col. and Mrs. Dennis Brekhus
  • Mrs. Linda S. Broadrup
  • Estate of John and Katherine Cheatham
  • Jim and Sandy Cox
  • Clyde and Kitty Crum
  • Rev. Dr. Kenneth and Rev. Dr. Barbara Kershner Daniel
  • Todd and Kathy Davis
  • Julie A. Donat
  • Ms. Mary V. Dove
  • David and Diane Hoffman
  • Janet E. King
  • Karlys and Tom 'Klynch'
  • Allen R. Knott
  • Dr. and Mrs. George Lewis, Jr.
  • Dr. Amaris Little
  • Louise E. Lynch
  • Mike and Rita McGowan
  • Nancy W. Molesworth
  • Richard and Gail Pearrell
  • Dr. Richard and Patricia Petre
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ray Ramsburg
  • Gerrit Schipper and Kim Capone
  • Shirley Shores
  • Pat and Rick Simons
  • Mrs. Barbara Starr
  • Mr. and Mrs. Dale T. Summers
  • Mr. and Mrs. Daniel K. Tregoning
  • Maribeth Visco and Karl Berger
  • The H. Deets and Juanita Warfield Donor-Advised Fund
  • David and Melanie Williamson
  • Lucien and Anna Winegar
  • Jay and Susan Wolfe

Membership Circle

  • Elinor Abrell
  • Bill and Bethany Adamo
  • Dr. Edward and Patricia Andochick
  • Betty L. Baggett
  • Albertine Baker
  • Bruce Bigelow and Julie Ramsey
  • Mr. and Mrs. Norman Birzer
  • Brad and Anne Blough
  • Orley R. Bourland, Jr.
  • Laurie M. Boyer
  • James T. and Francine G. Brady
  • Barbara Brewster
  • Ms. Rhoda Bush
  • Beverly B. Byron
  • Emily L. Carnochan
  • Avaleen S. "Jill" Chadwick
  • David G. Clark
  • Mr. and Mrs. John M. Clarke
  • Vivian Smith Clipp
  • Lisa Coblentz
  • Janet B. Cody
  • Bob and Diane Cross
  • Doris Dougherty
  • Mary Lou Doyle
  • G. Edward and Peggy Dwyer, Jr.
  • Betty M. Follin
  • Kenneth and Ann Frushour
  • Dr. John C. George
  • Randy George
  • Dr. and Mrs. Ching-Jou Gou
  • Mrs. Dorothy M. Green
  • Elizabeth Grossnickle
  • Norine and Ted Haas
  • Diana and Joseph M. Halleman
  • Mr. Richard M. Hassett
  • John D. Hendrickson II
  • Willette Homberg
  • Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Houck
  • Robert and Virginia Houck
  • John and Barbara Jorgensen
  • Lawrence F. and Frances A. Keely
  • Patricia and John Kettlestrings
  • Michael and Karen Kiley
  • Christopher and Lucia Kline
  • Lauren Kremers
  • Linda LaMarca
  • Rev. and Mrs. Albert K. Lane III
  • Mr. and Mrs. David L. Langston
  • The Jack V. Leishear Fund
  • John Lieuallen
  • Harriet F. Litras
  • Mr. and Mrs. James Mackley
  • Evelyn Manwiller
  • Lynn Martin
  • John and Laura McCullough
  • Judy and Dennis McMahon
  • Mr. and Mrs. James McSherry, Jr.
  • Janet Michael
  • Theresa T. Michel
  • Dorothy Misner
  • Robert K. Moler
  • Timothy R. Morgan
  • Elna Morin
  • P. JoAnn Nolan
  • Russell and Cynthia Olson
  • Walter Olson and Steve Pippin
  • Bill and Marilyn Orsinger
  • Tee and Carole Pecora
  • Robert Perrygo and Mary Bonen
  • Dr. William Portier and Mrs. Bonita J. Portier
  • Nathan and Susan Putnam
  • Clarence and Virginia Rinehart
  • Sharon Rowlett
  • Dr. and Mrs. Gary P. Schwartz
  • Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Shaffer, II
  • Beverly Shoemaker
  • Thomas G. Slater, Esq.
  • C. Paul and Terry Smith
  • Ms. Nancy L. Speck
  • Carole A. Stitely
  • John Stush and Audrey Rayfield
  • Lara J. Subleski
  • Mr. and Mrs. William E. Thrasher
  • Tom Trott, Jr.
  • June M. Trout
  • David H. Wallace
  • Larry and Nicky Warner
  • Nancy and Joe Whitney
  • Richard and Patricia Williamson
  • Adriane Wodey
  • Blaine R. Young
  • Mike and Marlene Young
  • Georgia Ann Zirkle

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