Giving Societies

Our giving societies recognize donors who contribute to specific gift areas. Four of these areas - the Widening Circles Society, Partners in Philanthropy, Strategic Funding Partners, and the Diamond Society - provide current funding. The Cornerstone Society, comprised of donors who leave a bequest through their estate, supports our community's future.

Strategic Funding Partners ›

Donors who have a desire to support the greatest needs in Frederick County partner with us to provide funding for strategic grant areas. These areas are based on the needs identified in the Frederick County Human Needs Assessment Report, and may change over time as new data becomes available. Some gifts come through their existing funds, and some gifts are given outright. Every gift is making a difference in the lives of many in Frederick County.

The Widening Circles Society ›

This group of donors supports our efforts to tell the great stories that happen as grants and scholarships positively impact Frederick County. When we communicate all the good things happening (using the newspaper, television, radio, print, website, and social media), others are inspired to make a gift to one or more funds. Through their support, we "widen our circle" of influence in the community.

Partners in Philanthropy ›

These donors are primarily businesses and civic groups who support our mission and outreach to the community. Their gifts also help us communicate grant and scholarship impact, as well as help make The Annual Report to the Community, held each November, come to life.

The Cornerstone Society ›

Cornerstone Society members are visionaries because they know that after their lifetime, Frederick County will benefit from their continued support. Whether their passion is for impacting education, health care, youth programs, elder care, the arts, historic preservation or other areas important to them, their legacy gift will benefit future generations.

The Diamond Society

Diamond Society members are recognized for consecutive years of giving to the Community Foundation or any of its component funds, beginning with five years through the 25+ year level. Because of their commitment to Frederick County and causes that are near and dear to them, their gifts consistently over time have significantly increased grant and scholarship impact in the community, touching countless lives. Thank you, Diamond Society members, for your generosity and faithfulness.



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