Past Success Stories

Education is priceless, and our donors have supported the educational goals and dreams of thousands of students in Frederick County. Read these inspiring stories of success from previous years.

Adeola Adeoye

Adeola is a 2014 graduate of Governor Thomas Johnson High School and a 2018 graduate of University of Maryland. She earned a Bachelor of Science in nutritional science, with a double minor in sustainability and global poverty. Adeola received a scholarship from The William E. Colliver Memorial Fund, giving her time to pursue leadership and research opportunities. Her future plans include participating in a fellowship through Blue Ridge Fellows in Roanoke, Virginia, and then attending graduate school to study international nutrition and aid developing countries in creating programs and policies that help reduce hunger in their populations.

Emily Doney 

Emily Doney has a passion for agriculture. After graduating from Middletown High School in 2014, she earned a Bachelor of Science in horticulture, with a specialization in commercial crop production from Delaware Valley University in 2016. Emily works for Cumberland Valley Analytical Services invitro department as a lab and farm technician testing cow feeds and forages for digestibility. She received multiple scholarships during her college years: The Maryland Master Farmers Scholarship, The J. Wilmer “Pete” and Margaret Holter House Memorial Scholarship, The Robert and Ann Miller Family Fund Scholarship, The Dudrow Scholarship Fund, The Grossnickle Family Scholarship, and The George and Ruth Dredden Scholarship. In the future, Emily wants to expand her family’s farming operation and one day own a beef and produce farm.


Kimberly Graninger

The Bob Boyer and Elizabeth Boyer Reeder Fund that provides scholarships to students enrolled in the University of Maryland’s School of Nursing helped Kimberly Graninger earn her Bachelor of Nursing in May 2018. During her nursing training, she traveled to Gaborone, Botswana to participate in a research study collecting data on a new antiretroviral HIV therapy. Kimberly is now employed with Johns Hopkins Hospital in the pediatric oncology unit, which she describes as her “dream job.” She plans to earn a Masters of Public Health in the future, and then pursue a doctor of nursing practice degree. Kimberly is grateful for this scholarship assistance as it allowed her to travel and gain experience in global nursing.


Dahlia Kronfli

Dahlia, a 2013 graduate of Walkersville High School, earned a Bachelor of Science in the biological sciences with a specialization in physiology and neurobiology and a minor in Spanish language and culture from University of Maryland, College Park in 2017. She works as the chief medical scribe in the emergency department at Frederick Memorial Hospital, through ScribeAmerica, acting as a liaison between the two entities and managing a team of 30 scribes who document every facet of a patient’s hospital stay. She has been accepted to University of Maryland’s School of Medicine and plans to become a doctor. Dahlia received The Dr. Lawrence C. Hoyer Memorial Scholarship and The Saylor-Powell Scholarship for several years which allowed her to reduce her student loan burden and helped her save money to help pay for her medical school education.

Diana Perez

Diana, now a nurse at Georgetown University Hospital in the surgical intensive care unit, graduated from Oakdale High School in 2014, and Stevenson University in 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She says that without scholarship help from The Frank M. and Helen Elizabeth Erwin Scholarship Fund, The Frederick Medical Foundation Fund, and The Margaret E. Brust Nursing Scholarship Fund, she would not have been able to complete her degree. Diana’s future plans include becoming a certified registered nurse anesthetist.


Kimberly Scritchfield

Kimberly has followed her dream of helping others with a career firmly rooted in social work. A 2001 graduate of Middletown High School, she then graduated from Shepherd University with a bachelor’s degree in social work, followed by earning a master’s degree in the same field from West Virginia University. Kimberly currently is the Resource Home Recruiter and Trainer for the Frederick County Department of Social Services. Prior to working in Frederick County, she gained experience with the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources, the Children’s Home Society of West Virginia, the Family Service Foundation, and locally as a vocational counselor. Kimberly received The William Hurwitz Memorial Endowment Fund Scholarship, and for several years, The Mary E.M. and Ruth E. Smith Scholarship and said, “The scholarships allowed me to pursue a career path that I am deeply passionate about and knowing that I was receiving support from my community was a true boost to my confidence.”


Nick Tester

Having earned a Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sport Science from Coastal Carolina University while simultaneously serving in United States Marine Corps Reserves, Nick is pursuing a career as a paid firefighter as he works towards completing his master’s degree in strength and conditioning. A 2013 graduate of Catoctin High School, Nick received The Frederick Community College Graduate Scholarship, and for two years, The Catoctin Medical Center Scholarship. He plans to also continue his reserve service in the Marine Corps. Nick says the scholarships helped him focus on achieving excellence in his studies, as well as excellence in all other endeavors.


My career goal is to obtain a medical doctorate degree. I have been accepted by the University of Maryland School of Medicine and plan to start my medical education there in August (2018). I have a particular interest in the influence that a person's socio-economic status has on their long-term health outcomes, and keeping this mind, it is my goal to treat patients as a whole rather a part. 

Dahlia Kronfli

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