2022 – 2023 Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to the following 2022 – 2023 scholarship recipients. In total, 341 scholars received 469 scholarships. Just over $2.2 million in scholarships was provided by generous donors who believe in the value of education.

The American Advertising Federation Scholarship Fund

Isabella Marchena

The Arthur O. and Julane P. Anderson Family Scholarship Fund

Esereoghene Mowoe
Brittany Walker

The Derek Matthew Angel Scholarship Fund

Collins Nji

The Rollins J. and Mary Marceline Atkinson Scholarship Fund

Caleb Lindell

The Christopher W. Ausherman Scholarship Fund

Bryton Schnur                            

The Gene, Evelyn and Ernest Family Scholarship Fund II

Abigail Beckman
Jaclyn Bryant

The Basford Family Fund

Abigail Kinnaird

The Audrey Pressler Bauman Scholarship Fund

Ariana Johnson

The Glenn E. and Helen H. Biehl Scholarship Fund

Nana Amma Intsiful

The Alvin and Janet Blumenstein Memorial Scholarship Fund

Kerri Donohue
Emily Preza

The Dr. Ulysses G. Bourne, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Fund

Garrett Frank

The Debbie Wolfe Bradley Scholarship Fund

Alyssa Byers

The Joseph Donald Brewer Scholarship Fund

Ronan Perrone

The Warner L. "Mike" Brittain/Seneca Football Association Scholarship Fund

Afan Rashid

The Joseph F. Brown Scholarship Fund

Nathaniel Diaz

The Brunswick Community Theater Scholarship Fund

Kaz Stronge

The Margaret E. Brust Nursing Scholarship Fund

Ana Hernandez Cruz            Grace Sabine
    Thla Zing

The Richard R. Burgee Memorial Scholarship Fund for Trinity United Methodist Church

Hailey Eisentraut

The SSGT Charles I. Cartwright, USMC Memorial Scholarship Fund

Martina Tsimba

The Catoctin High School Youth Fund

Savannah Morris

The Catoctin Medical Center Scholarship Fund

Camelia Beard

Jorden Hahn

Payton Taylor

The Cavanaugh Memorial Scholarship Fund

Benjamin Tabor               Lauren Young

The Brandon T. Chesnik Memorial Scholarship Fund

Amelia Claire Smith

The Saint Peter Claver Scholarship Fund

Rani Jones

Martina Tsimba

The Avadna Seward Coghill Scholarship Fund

Emilia Lawler

The Harry and Mattie Cornpropst Scholarship Fund

Madison Bantz
Collin Dinges

 Nydoria Harrison
 Sungheui Bae-Park

The Sandra Crist Scholarship Fund

Abigail Beckman
Brianna Bongard
Jaclyn Bryant
Kaya Cooper
Tiarra Cruz
Rayann Eaves
Megan Jacobs
Hayden Klemanski
Emilia Lawler
Melanie Martin
Jessica Mekkelson
Isabella Richardson
Trinity Robertson
Karianna Strickhouser
Kiandra Strickhouser
Maya Swiderski
Taylor Wright

The William E. Cross Family Educational Fund

Jessica Bransome            Melissa McDonough           Anthony Terselic
Vung Cing                         Daniel Mildenstein              Luke Wattay
Josue Izcoa                      Alyssa Murtaugh
Isabella Marchena            Grace Stambaugh                        

The Dr. J. Richard Crouse Memorial Scholarship Fund

Sophia Rowe

The Gina M. Cumberland Memorial Scholarship Fund

Erick Rivera

The Frances R. Darner Scholarship Fund

Cahlen Cheatham

The Dr. LeRoy T. and Sandra J. Davis Memorial Scholarship Fund

Gloria Asante

The Captain John Ryan Dennison Scholarship Fund

Matteo Torres

The Disabled Citizens of Frederick County United Scholarship Fund

Owen Duthoy

The District 8, Maryland Nurses Association Scholarship Fund

Carol Adams

The Donald P. Dougherty, Jr. Memorial Fund

Paige Baker            Sheridan Chaney            Makenzie Kuhn

The Virginia K. Draper Memorial Scholarship Fund

Natalie Anders

The George and Ruth Dredden Scholarship Fund

Saniya Littlejohn

The Henry E. Droneburg, III Memorial Scholarship Fund

Jordan Dowling

The Dudrow Scholarship Fund

Sydnie Grossnickle

The Cathie Duncan Speech-Language Scholarship Fund

Brenna Williams

The Emmitsburg Area Fund

Raphaela Smaldone

The Engelbrecht-DeGrange Scholarship Fund

Aaron Heiner

The Frank M. and Helen Elizabeth Erwin Scholarship Fund

Danielle Baker
Helona Barnes
Hemen Barnes
Kelli Colantonio
Brady Duckhorn
Lia Finch
Alanis Gonzalez Quiles
Mackenzie Grove
Jorden Hahn
Ana Hernandez Cruz
Eleanor Kahwajy
Scott Leazer
Ameenah Noor
Marissa Punturiero
Jaimee Reed



The Dr. Warren R. Evans/Frederick County Physical Education Teachers Scholarship Fund

Hannah Clagett

The Donald and Lydia Falconer Scholarship Fund

Ethan Mentzer                  Olivia Williams

The Nathan W. Farlow Memorial Fund for Excellence

Curt McGovern

The George and Karen Fetterly Scholarship Fund

Janice Smith

The Pauline Draper Fisher Scholarship Fund

Payton Taylor

The Foland Family Scholarship Fund

Jack Murphy

The George D. Ford, Jr. and Barbara S. Ford Scholarship Fund

Natalie Anders
Skylar Andrews
Elaine Barber
Natalia Chavez-Brown
Margaret Cole
Genevieve Cretella
Stephanie Henry
Zoe Lachewitz
Elizabeth Pillai

The Lewis and Clara Fraley Memorial Fund

Mackenzie Grove

The Nancy Nicodemus Franck Scholarship Fund

Chloe Wantz

The Frederick Art Club Fund

Jordan Dowling

The Frederick Coffee Club Memorial Fund

Ana Hernandez Cruz            
Gabriel Rosella

The Frederick Community College Graduate Scholarship Fund

Kristianne Leibley
Christine Wattay
Jessica Williams

The Frederick Community College Graduate to Mount St. Mary's University Fund

Amy King

The Frederick Community Concert Scholarship Fund

Melody Askounes

The Frederick County Pomona Grange #11/Burall Brothers Memorial Scholarship Fund

Shea Cencula
Amelia Claire Smith

The Frederick County Public Schools Donor Restricted Projects/Urbana Foundation Scholarship Fund

Hannah Soltani

The Frederick County Retired School Personnel Association Scholarship Endowment Fund

Alexia Chavez-Brown           Natalia Chavez-Brown          Margaret Cole

The Frederick County Retired School Personnel Association/Dr. Richard and Patricia Petre Scholarship Fund

Rylie Johnson
Paige Smith

The Frederick Elks Lodge #684 Youth Enrichment Fund

Valerie Boards-Buchanan
 Vung Cing

The Frederick High School Centennial Scholarship Fund

Wendy Contreras

The Frederick Medical Foundation Fund

Jeremy Cash
Angel Daiker
Brea Garcia
Kendyle Webber

The Frederick Police Department Endowment Fund

Ashley Stanley

The Frederick Woman's Civic Club, Inc. Scholarship Fund

Ernitha Cetoute                             Kimberly Merson

The Emory V. and Elizabeth R. Frye Scholarship Fund for Brunswick

Amber Bartz
Rylie Johnson
Cara Wenner

The Fund for Catholic Education/Kindergarten through University

Shaheer Syed

The George Wesley Gilbert Memorial Scholarship Fund

Ethan Mentzer

The Loretta C. Gilbert Scholarship Fund

Emma Adams
Megan Adams
Miranda Cincotta
John Nelson

The John “Jack” Griffin Scholarship Fund

Corrine Nestor

The Esther E. Grinage Scholarship Fund

Margaret Cole
Piper Jons

The "Judge" William B. Gross Scholarship Fund

Isabel Erb
Gavin Schultz Vermillion

The Grossnickle Family Scholarship Fund

Sydnie Grossnickle

The Edward D. Grove, Sr. Scholarship Fund

Justin Arnold

The Erma Stull Grove Scholarship Fund

Marina Ysabelle Maglente

The Guss Family Scholarship Fund for the Arts

Isabella Martinez                           Ashlynne Pillai

The Merle L. and Ruth Rebecca Guyton Scholarship Fund

Molly Anderson
Vung Cing

The Robert G. Haas Memorial Scholarship Fund

Stella Henson

The Hahn Transportation Scholarship Fund

Hannah Thomas

The James R. Hahn Memorial Scholarship Fund

Ethan Mentzer

The William D. Hammond Scholarship Fund

Rebecca Long

The Aimee Belle Harper Scholarship Fund

Rianna Chaney
Sheridan Chaney
Douglas Isanogle
Dustin Isanogle
Jacob Ramsburg

The Dr. Christopher M. Hassett Science Scholarship Fund for St. John's Catholic Prep

Alisha Mason

The Steve Hassett Memorial Scholarship Fund

Gabrielle Wilson

The Jeffrey Hayek Scholarship Fund

Hannah Clagett

The Elaine A. Heiberg Scholarship Fund for Arts

Charlotte Brittain
Talon Cruz
Nathanael Milliken
Tiffany Montes
Ashlynne Pillai
Michael Staley
Thomas Truitt

The Michael David Hendrix Memorial Scholarship Fund

Stephan Zaw

The Robert J. Hogan Memorial Scholarship Fund

Molly Robinson

The Robert J. and George J. Hogan, Jr. Memorial Fund

Anyelen Phanthachith

The Cecil K. Holter, Jr. and Charlotte S. Holter Memorial Scholarship Fund

Josue Izcoa

The Hulda E. Holter Scholarship Fund

Grace Sabine

The Betty Markey Hooper Scholarship Fund

Erick Rivera

The U. Mehrl and Margaret T. Hooper Scholarship Fund

Jada Rivera                 Warren Swank             Olivia Williams

The Russell Z. and Virginia T. Horman Scholarship Fund

Jeffer Lin

The James W. Houck Memorial Scholarship Fund

Ella Machen

The Forest L. Hough Endowment Fund

Kendall Welsh

The J. Wilmer "Pete" and Margaret Holter House Memorial Scholarship Fund

Justin Arnold

The Dr. Lawrence C. Hoyer Memorial Scholarship Fund

Megan Chang                  Kirsten Snyder

The Jacob W. Hubble Memorial Scholarship Fund

Madilyn Gooding

The William Hurwitz Memorial Scholarship Fund

Meray Ghobrial

The Nicholas B. Jarvis Memorial Scholarship Fund

Christian Naranjo
Gabriella Papillo

The Jefferson Ruritan Club Scholarship Fund

Louis Held
Rylie Johnson
Katelyn Kean
Ciara Luttrell
Ella Machen
Andrew Ricketts

The Candace Gove Kakel Memorial Scholarship Fund

Kaya Cooper

The Robert E. Kallstrom Memorial Scholarship Fund

Adam Lenker

The Harold D. and Elizabeth S. Kehne Scholarship Fund

Julienne Feiertag

The Charles E. Keller, III Accounting Scholarship Fund

Mark Lea-Wilson

The Robert E. Kelly Memorial Fund

Olivia Bowers

The William H. and Jeanne L. Kemp Fund

Nathaniel Tilley

The King Asbury Architectural Scholarship Fund

Stanley Zou

The Becky Koontz Memorial Education Scholarship Fund

Emily Webb

The Robert C. and Jane E. Ladner Scholarship Fund

Rani Jones
Sumangal Myers

The Lisa A. Orndorff Lajewski Memorial Scholarship Fund

Jackson Acker                         Logan Heishman                     William Rymes
Lindsay Aldridge                      Louis Held                                Grace Sabine
Agya Baffoe                             Morgan Hull                             Bryton Schnur
Connor Banks                          Rylie Johnson                          Madison Shawver
Amber Bartz                             Katelyn Kean                           Justin Smallwood
Alden Bobofchak                      Evan Kelly                               Kaz Stronge
Abigail Bolingbroke                   Anna Kerns                             Samson Tew
Carly Bruchey                           Ella Machen                            Brendan Walsh
Anna Davies                              Isabella Marra                         Benjamin Weatherhead
Collin Dinges                             Jon Mosley                              Kendyle Webber
Mia Dorsey                                Madison Nalborczyk                Kendall Welsh
Fresnel Fotso                            Murphy Nichols                        Jack Willard
Kate Gerlus                               Clara O'Brien                           Margaret Williams
Alexa Gieseman                        Alexis Piasecki                        Olivia Williams
Kara Graves                              Sophia Porcella                       Sean Zsoldos
Gavin Hartman                          Andrew Ricketts

The Christine LaRoi Memorial Fund

Rowan Lippy

The Edgar and Mildred Larson Scholarship Fund

Vung Cing
Mikyah Jones

The James and Melinda Lautenberger Scholarship Fund

Vung Cing

The Marvin and Bonnie Laws Scholarship Fund

Afiwa Ahanogbe

The Clayton Lenhart Memorial Scholarship Fund

Rayann Eaves

The Ralph and Annabelle Lenhart Scholarship Fund

Nathan Sanders

The Donald Lewis Community Impact Fund for Thurmont High School Alumni

Paige Baker                              Joshua Glass
Rianna Chaney                         Makenzie Kuhn
Sheridan Chaney                     Jack Willard

The Linganore High School Alumni Scholarship Fund

Connor Boie                          Matthew Coffey
Kiannah Davy
Maria Pellicier
Hannah Ratchford
Emily Webb

The Alan Linton, Jr. Scholarship Fund

Caleb McNeil

The M. Rebecca Linton Scholarship Fund

Isabella Marchena                    Anthony Terselic

The Joseph B. and Dorothy Long Scholarship Fund

Grace Sabine

The Ann Burnside Love and Thomas A. Love, MD, Family Scholarship Fund

Winter Hawk                     Christina Hviid
Wynnanne Walters

The Barry and Kathleen Lucey Scholarship Fund

Isabella Richardson

The Lyons Family Fund

Emily Diaz

The Charles Thomas and Mary Ellen Main Scholarship Fund

Hencer Harmon                       Nana Amma Intsiful                 Amiyah Spencer

The Chief Charles V. Main Scholarship Fund

Beryl Asante
Gabrielle Wilson

The James W. Main Educational Fund

Abigail Bolingbroke

The Karl S. Manwiller Memorial Scholarship Fund

Rylie Lach

The Mary Alice and Richard E. Markey Scholarship Fund

Ionie Martin
 Adam Mathews
Myles Roberts

The David G. Marshall Memorial Scholarship Fund

Matthias Buchheister                      John Park

The Dr. Rex R. and Ann Martin Scholarship Fund

Karla Gonzalez-Ochoa

The Maryland Master Farmers Scholarship Fund

Justin Arnold
Zachary Baker
Rianna Chaney
Sheridan Chaney
Sydnie Grossnickle
Kinley Halsey
Hannah Hartness
Giulianna Kukor
 Stacey Revesz
Chase Thompson

The Maryland Retired School Personnel Association Scholarship Fund

Nathan Hooper                              Emily Mullins
Ionie Martin                                   Carmen Zapata

The Carolyn McGolerick Memorial Scholarship Fund

Kristin Becker
Harley Bronson
Tracie Brosious
Carrie Connor
Nicole Entwistle
Alisha Gagliardi
Brianna Gibson
Elizabeth Grebe
Vicki Pellicciotti
Katharine Perkins
Megan Sheely
Nikki Williams

The Kathy J. Meagher Memorial Scholarship Fund

Sabrina Coffey
Logan Heishman

The Merit Scholarship Field of Interest Fund

Jensen Flannery

The George M. and Gloria E. Merriman Scholarship Fund for Brunswick High School

Carly Bruchey
Abigayle Perry
Joseph Sweeney

The Robert and Ann Miller Family Fund

Isabella Richardson
Taylor Wright

The Mary Ann Moschel Memorial Scholarship Fund

Sierra Dobbs

The Robert and Winifred Mount Scholarship Fund

Niyah Huskey
Emma Kojac

The Jessica Lee Murphy Memorial Fund

Paige Smith

The Ryan Patrick Murray Memorial Fund

Michaela Galcik                           Matthew Rosquist

The Tyler Dane Murray Scholarship Fund

Maelyss Milongo

The Myersville Lions Club Scholarship Fund

Jessica Bransome
Owen Bubczyk
Vung Cing

The Anthony M. Natelli Memorial Scholarship Fund

Kyle Yi

The Wayne C. Neely and Margaret S. Neely Frederick Scholarship Fund

Ashley Alt
Natalia Chavez-Brown
Margaret Cole
Kathryn Cross
Kaylee Donovan
Kara Graves
Hailey Hallenberg
Stella Henson
Bishoy Ibrahim
Anna Kerns
Ella Krone
Benjamin Leazer
Henri-Michael Ly
Ella Machen
Shannon Maguire
Jessica Mekkelson
Maggie Molnar
Alexis Piasecki
Ashlynne Pillai
Martin Ratchford
Molly Robinson
Emma Rubin
Grace Sagna
Raphaela Smaldone
Jordan Specht
Benjamin Weatherhead
Lauren Young

The E. Ruth Nikirk Scholarship Fund

Akash Agarwal

The Luster and Jean Oxley Scholarship Fund

Van Mawi

The Kenneth W. Parker-Class of ‘55 Scholarship Fund

Keola Evans
Martina Tsimba

The Jennie Sue Pearson Scholarship Fund

Vung Cing

The Ada B. Poole Scholarship Fund

Alexis Johnson

The Joseph, Caroline and Carole Lynne Price Scholarship Fund

Haley Livingston

The William B. Price, Jr. Scholarship Fund

Kennedy Adams

The Albert Atlee and Elizabeth Radcliffe Memorial Scholarship Fund

Gloria Asante

The Judy Louise Ramsburg Memorial Scholarship Fund

Grace Stambaugh

The George E. Randall Memorial Scholarship Fund

Nathanael Miller
Alexander Petty

The Kathryn "Kitty" M. Reed and Robert "Bob" J. Reed Scholarship Fund

Meray Ghobrial
Vung Kim
Janice Smith
Gabrielle Williams

The Ramona Corun Remsberg Scholarship Fund

Gisselle Arias
Caleb McNeil

The Barry D. Richardson Memorial Scholarship Fund for Visual Arts

Alan Marquez

The Don and Rosa Rippeon Scholarship Fund

Natalia Chavez-Brown

The Winfield Scott Rodney, IV, Memorial Scholarship Fund

Ashley Alt
Chloe Demoine

The Melissa D. and Norman K. Ross Family Fund

Emily Diaz
Julia Mohler

The Rotary Club of Frederick/W. Meredith S. Young and Helen B. Young Scholarship Fund

Henri-Michael Ly                  Amelia Claire Smith                             Benjamin Tabor

Sam Mitchel                         Andy Sun                                             Lauren Young

The Murray D. Ryan Scholarship Fund

Nora Ellis

The Donald G. and Helen W. Schley Scholarship Fund

Chloe Gaydos

The Michael Schrodel Memorial Scholarship Fund

Aidan Gaines

The 1LT Robert A. Seidel III Memorial Scholarship Fund

Wyatt Davis

The Kay Shafer Memorial Scholarship Fund

Vung Cing

The C. Eugene Shaff, Jr., Memorial Scholarship Fund

Katerina Remsberg

The Alma Crebs Sharrer Scholarship Fund

Morein Ibrahim

The Michelle Shearer STEM Fund

Sean Zsoldos

The Coach Bob Sheffler/Middletown High School Soccer Alumni Scholarship Fund

Aaron Augustine

The Shirley Shores Scholarship Fund

Kara Graves

The Sgt. David J. Smith Memorial Fund

Courtney Grove                             Morein Ibrahim                          
Hannah Groves                                             

The Dawn Renee Smith Memorial Scholarship Fund

Sally Herndon

The Dr. George and Carolyn Smith Fund

Gabriella Ntali

The Mary E. M. and Ruth E. Smith Scholarship Fund

Natalia Chavez-Brown
Carly Crone
Jacqueline Greeves
Adam Mathews
Elizabeth Pillai

The Ross and Pauline Smith Scholarship Fund

Owen Bubczyk

The Beatrice R. Snyder Scholarship Fund

Brielle Betit

The Linda M. Snyder Memorial Fund

Natalia Chavez-Brown

The Michael C. Snyder Memorial Fund

Mikayla Smith

The St. Nicholas Children's Scholarship Fund

Gwen Pobee
Erick Rivera

The Julia D. Stine Memorial Scholarship Fund

Grace Sabine

The Norman William Stitely Memorial Scholarship Fund

Abigail Beckman                    Sydnie Grossnickle               Kiandra Strickhouser

The Charles C.T. Stull, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Fund

Melody Askounes
Joseph Hawkins
Angelica Ramos
Emily Trdina

The Todd J. Stush Memorial Scholarship Fund

Corrine Nestor

The Preston Tarleton Memorial Fund

Noland Genies
Gavin Hartman

The Thurmont High School Alumni Scholarship Fund

Rianna Chaney
Joshua Glass
Jack Willard

The John H. and Donna R. Tisdale Fund

Jose Gutierrez Umana

The Marvin G. and Bess L. Todd Memorial Scholarship Fund

Schuyler Bowers
Kara Graves
Isabelle Stepler

The "Tribute to a Friend" Scholarship Fund

Payton Taylor

The Undergraduate Scholarships Field of Interest Fund

Paris Lwin

The V. Jeanne Vaughn Memorial Scholarship Fund

Natalie Anders
Soumya Maturi

The Martha Murphy Virts Nursing Scholarship Fund

Emily Diaz
Kristin Healy
Emma Kojac

The Kevin R. and Sara J. Wade Scholarship Fund

Christina Bain
Aaron Heiner
Henry Hintermister
Julia Mattis
Claire Moberly
Erick Rivera
Kari Shipe
Rian Wright

The Walkersville High School Alumni Scholarship Fund

Travis Remsberg

The Zachary Greene Warfield Memorial Scholarship Fund

Afiwa Ahanogbe

The Jim Webb Memorial Point of Rocks Ruritan Scholarship Fund

Justin Smallwood

The Col. William E. Weber Chapter 142 Korean War Veterans Association of Frederick County, MD, Inc. Fund

Jacob Fox
Amelia Harman
Gabrielle Williams

The Wiley Family Scholarship Fund

Wyatt Davis
Kallan Latham

The Will Group Fund

Ryann Brunner                        Elizabeth Marquette                Ryan Puthumana
Isabella Dressler                     Devin Miller                              Stacey Revesz

The M. Kate Willard, Robert Lee and Robert Leroy Scholarship Fund

Gabrielle Collins                     Corinne Heurich                        Colin Kelly

The Charlie Wood Golf Scholarship Fund

Austin Hurley
Elizabeth Tucci

The Workforce Scholarship for Overcoming Barriers

Matthias Buchheister                   Collins Nji                         William Souder
Morgan Marchesani                     Ivan Obuekwe

The Michael S. and Marlene B. Young Scholars Fund

Xylea Keyfauver

The W. Meredith S. Young and Helen B. Young Scholarship Fund

Aliza Aslam
Amber Gilbertson
Rachel Lloyd
Michael Miranda-Bolaines
Kiandra Strickhouser
Subhashree Susindran

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