Strategic Funding Partners

Helping people and improving lives - that's what strategic funding partners do. Whether it's a basic human need such as housing, medical care that someone would otherwise not be able to obtain, or helping seniors age in place, our strategic funding partners have stepped up to the plate to help.

Make a difference in your community.


Herbie lives on!

Do you remember Herbie, the love bug? Because of you, Herbie lives on and gives to others.

Joanie, in her early 70’s, on a fixed income, found herself without a vehicle when her van broke down during the pandemic. Joanie was worried.  She needed her car to get groceries, go to the doctor and help other elderly friends who couldn’t drive. She needed transportation to remain independent.  

Because of the Community Foundation’s Strategic Funding Partners, a grant from Supporting Older Adults Through Resources, Inc (SOAR) provided Joanie with a used car – which she affectionately named Herbie! While Herbie is not a VW beetle, he is treasured and provides rides for Joanie and others.

You can help people like Joanie when you become a Strategic Funding Partner today!

With your gift of $1,000 or more, you can become a Strategic Funding Partner and help the entire community. Your support for critical needs will help Frederick County families with children, ensure seniors safely age in place and reduce the number of those experiencing substance use disorder.

Herbie is about more than providing a ride. Herbie is about community - giving Joanie her independence and enabling her to age in place with dignity.

You can continue this momentum by becoming a Strategic Funding Partner today!

To become a Strategic Funding Partner, make your gift online today. For more information, contact Becki Delauter, Philanthropic Services Manager, at 301.695.7660 or [email protected].

Strategic Grantmaking

Our strategic grantmaking began in 2011, when The Frederick County Human Needs Assessment Study was released. The Board of Trustees determined that it would focus part of its grantmaking in three "strategic" areas: access to health care; housing, with emphasis on those newly homeless or precariously housed; and school-readiness for children. Seven years later, we continued the work started in 2011 and completed the 2018 Frederick County Human Needs Assessment. The report determined three new strategic areas: supporting families with children; preparing for a growing aging population; and responding to substance use disorder. 

Our support of the strategic initiatives evolved from the Community Foundation’s valid research of critical needs in Frederick County. Their good stewardship of the monies we have entrusted to them and the rigorous grant process takes the guesswork out of achieving our goal to give back to the community that has been home to our family and business for so many years.

Mark and Susan Butt
The Mark and Susan Butt Saturday Mornings Fund

FY2022 Strategic Funding Partners

  • Dr. and Mrs. Arthur O. Anderson
  • The Caroline and Jimmy Atkins Fund
  • The Steve and PJ Barger Family Endowment Fund
  • Mrs. Brenda S. Benna
  • Ms. Virginia K. Brace and Ms. Jana M. Moberly
  • Mrs. Elizabeth J. Brady
  • Mr. and Mrs. John D. Brunk
  • The Mark and Susan Butt Saturday Mornings Fund
  • Ms. Joan Canfield
  • Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Chwirut
  • Ms. Carol Ciufolo
  • Mr. and Mrs. Andrew S. Cowperthwaite
  • Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Davisson, II
  • The Robert G. DeLauter Fund
  • The FoodPRO CORP Fund
  • Mr. and Mrs. James E. Gangawere
  • Mr. and Mrs. Andrew P. Grossnickle
  • Mr. and Mrs. Merle L. Guyton
  • The Halleman Family Fund
  • The Charles W. Hoff, III and Margaret O. Hoff Family Fund
  • Mr. and Mrs. James H. Hubbard
  • Ms. Gabrielle Keller

  • Mrs. Janet E. King

  • The Kirkpatrick/LeGore Family Fund

  • The Kiwanis Club of Frederick Fund
  • Mr. and Mrs. John P. Kondig
  • The Robert C. and Jane E. Ladner Charitable Fund

  • Mrs. Catherine J. Lapointe

  • Dr. James A. Lautenberger
  • Ms. Susan A. Loring
  • The Lyons Family Fund

  • Natelli Communities LP

  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Nicodemus

  • The Garrett R. Petronchak Memorial Fund

  • Ms. Linda S. Pruitt-Michielli
  • Mrs. Elizabeth W.C. Randall
  • The Philip Rauh Family Endowment Fund
  • Mr. and Mrs. Adrian M. Remsberg, Jr.
  • Mrs. Shirley R. Richardson
  • Mr. and Mrs. Tod P. Salisbury
  • Mr. Edwin Seidewitz
  • Dr. and Mrs. George I. Smith
  • The David and Kay Stauffer Family Fund
  • The Emilee and Aaron Valentino Fund
  • N. E. "Bob" Waltz Plumbing and Heating, Inc.
  • The Dan and Jackie Ward Family Fund
  • Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Wissner
  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Young

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