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April is National Volunteer Month

Did you know that April is National Volunteer Month? In Maryland, 27.9 percent of residents volunteer, ranking our state 23rd in volunteerism among the 50 states and District of Columbia. At the Community Foundation, more than 85 volunteers are serving this month on the Scholarship Committee and will log hundreds of hours reviewing applications.

Our Scholarship Committee volunteers are one of the largest sets of non-compensated worker bees that we have. The Board of Trustees includes 24 volunteers who are Frederick County residents engaged in diverse professions and come from all over the county. The Grants Committee is another group of worker bees who put in countless hours vetting grant requests and recommending to the Board where the grant dollars will create the most impact. There are 12 additional committees that fall under Board leadership, and dozens of additional volunteers fill these roles. We are grateful for their selfless service and humbled by their commitment to making Frederick County the best it can be.

These are examples of how the Community Foundation utilizes volunteers. Opportunities abound in Frederick County, from serving as a volunteer fire fighter to serving meals at Community Action Agency or Frederick Rescue Mission. Volunteering doesn’t have to be “big” – simply helping with spring clean-up at a local park makes a difference.

Just for fun, here are few more Maryland annual volunteer stats*:

·         The 27.9 percent of residents who volunteer equates to nearly 1.4 million people

·         More than 153 million hours of service are given

·         The 153 million hours of service equates to more than $3.9 billion of service contributed. That’s right – “billion” with a “b”

·         Nearly 54 percent of residents donate $25 or more to a charitable cause

If you’re a volunteer, thank you! If you know someone who volunteers, offer them a big “thank you.” Together, we’re all making a positive difference for everyone in Frederick County.

*Statistics gathered from

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